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What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is a relatively new term that is being used specifically to describe branding for small business owners. It is the ‘practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as a brand’. Each small business needs to attract exactly the right clients to survive and flourish . How you are perceived by your ideal clients is therefore critical and whilst we can’t control what people think, we can certainly shape it. And this is the role of personal branding. It provides the framework for communicating the WHO – WHAT -WHY of your business.

Personal branding establishes who you are, what you offer and who your customer is. It gives you the content for your marketing – for building and maintaining awareness. Thankfully this is made easier today due to social platforms like Instagram.

From firedancers and jewellers, to fitness trainers and aestheticians, all unique, talented people who are the heart of their brilliant businesses who want to put their best feet forward and show off their individual values, personality and vision. I can help you show your talents to the world through a unique personal branding package which delivers a set of images and social media-ready video to make you shine.