2020 is Cancelled

It's been said that 2020 is the year of 'Cancel Culture' But what does that mean?

According to Dictionary.com cancel culture kan-suhlkuhl-cher ] refers to: "the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming", which got me thinking. If 2020 was a person, I'd definitely be withdrawing my support. I mean seriously, if 2020 was an employee, it wouldn't even have made it through the 3 month probationary period.

You can imagine the appraisal can't you?

Employer: "Well, 2020, I've gone through your personnel file and thought it would be a good time to review your performance and see how we both feel about making your role permanent"

2020: [chews fingers nervously and looks up sullenly from under multi coloured fringe] "'K"

Employer: "So you did rather have a bit of a rocky start, didn't you? I mean, the Australian Bush Fires weren't the ideal event to break the ice were they. Do you think you might have been a bit heavy handed?"

2020: [fidgets and stifles a yawn] "'S'pose"

Employer: "Did you not consider the impact on the Koalas? Honestly, 2020? I'm very surprised. You came highly recommended by 2018.

I mean the last year to have got things so wrong was 1987. Made absolute mincemeat of the south of England with that bloody hurricane. Didn't live it down for years, and honestly it was touch and go whether we decided to keep them on. It was only because they delivered some really good snow that season that we gave them the benefit of the doubt. The kids were delighted the schools were shut. Really save 1987's arse, I can tell you. But I'm really not seeing the same commitment from you 2020. I mean honestly, after the fires we were rather hoping that you'd knuckle down and start behaving yourself. Have you got anything you'd like to say in your defence?"

2020: [shuffles in seat. Looks down] "'Um," [long pause] "Sorry?"

Employer: "Really 2020? Is that all you can say?. Frankly I'm appalled. We all are.

I mean your Line Manager, the 21st Century actually asked for you to be transferred out because your performance has been so poor. And you've already received not one but TWO verbal warnings for both Donald Trump's bungled impeachment trial AND the debacle with Harry and Meghan buggering off on your watch. It's come as absolutely no surprise to see that You've also got a written warning for the endless months of bloody rain and floods in the UK. You're not in a biblical saga you know and this isn't the BCs any more. For goodness sake 2020, we're AD now. That kind of behaviour went out with the ark.

2020: "Well, I thought, I mean I was trying to make an impact....you know? Be a bit individual. Kind of #ShakeThingsUp?"

Employer: [Turning puce] "MAKE AN IMPACT? My God 2020, I've seen Asteroids with more subtlety"

2020: [tries to interrupt]

Employer: [Holds up hand for silence] "NO 2020. Enough is enough. We were prepared to extend your probation but frankly your latest offering is a step too far I'm afraid. I MEAN COVID? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? IS IT SOME SORT OF JOKE TO YOU?"

2020: [shrugs]

Employer: [Holds up hand for silence. Also slightly hysterical] "NO NO NO. I'M SORRY 2020, It just won't do. The Board of Directors is unanimous. Your position is completely untenable. YOU'RE FIRED"

2020: [Gets Coat]

But seriously, it's been a tough year - especially for small businesses in events, services and hospitality. Weddings and receptions and parties have all been cancelled, or at least postponed until 2021 and for a little while, life really did stand still. But now that we're going slowly out the other side, I've finished my BA (Hons) degree in Creative and Media Practice (YAY!) and now have loads time to work on all the parts of my wedding photography business that have been neglected and ignored for the past 3 years. So gird your loins world, because I'm coming for you!

LIzzi Mills of Flaming Gorgeous Photography, is based in Worthing, West Sussex. Lizzi brings you fun wedding photography without the faff or the fuss. She will make you look great even though you hate being photographed, (or she'll eat her hat) - so if you're stuck without a photographer for later this year (assuming 2020 bucks their ideas up) or for 2021 and beyond, then drop me a line to say hi! or email hello@flaming-gorgeous.co.uk

Or if you're feeling really brave, call 07989 586898 for a chat and a cuppa!

Picture Credit: https://totallynotnews.com/index.php/tag/2020-cancelled/

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