Jobs can differ wildly so the following rates are offered as a guideline to give you an idea of what to expect.  A firm quote, based on the job spec, will be given on delivery of a brief.


If you’re working to a particular budget, please discuss it with us and we will do our best to help.


I am happy to offer volume discounts or discounts based on repeat business, as that is good for both parties, but that will require a written contract to protect both parties. I run a small business, as do the majority of my clients, so  my aim is not to charge as much as possible, but rather to create long-standing relationships by proving the valuable ROI that professional photography can bring.


Please note that there is usually a minimum charge of £95.00 for all bookings regardless - this is to cover travel, shoot time and  basic editing and its the minimum charge that will apply to most jobs




Product shots can vary in difficulty both technically and logistically.


For simple packshots we offer a fixed price scale as below. These prices are based on product packshots on a white or simple, consistent background (including colour correction & basic digital clean-up).  Clipping paths can also be supplied if required for an additional cost. Please note, there is a minimum charge of £95 on all bookings. 


Number of Final Images        Standard Items          Advanced Items

Up to 9                              £20                        £29

10 – 20                             £17                        £26

20+                                   £14                        £21

50+                                   £11                        £15

100 + POA 

Depending on your product, different angles, variations or close ups of the same product can be offered at a reduced image rate.  Please note that our minimum image rate for any shot is £6.00 + VAT.

Colour balancing and basic digital clean-up is included. Additional retouching is charged at £45 per hour.



Lifestyle photography refers to all shots that include props, backgrounds, models if required, kitchen, home or outdoor settings. They also refer to step-by-step, or infographic images that demonstrate a product in use.

We are also happy to source additional items at cost where necessary, or you can provide us with these along with your products and we will include them in your images.

Lifestyle photography can be anything from a simple wooden backdrop with relevant props, to a full kitchen setting with models demonstrating your items. The ‘per image’ rate for lifestyle images is the same as our white background rates, plus we add a setup charge for creating your chosen backdrop. This setup charge is dependent upon the complexity of the set and props needed. Some lifestyle shoots require a location hire, others will be made from simple studio sets that we’ll create for your shoot.

We can vary each set slightly, altering props, tweaking angles and arrangements without further charge, so that every image is unique. For more significant changes, there may be additional setup fees. We’ll discuss your requirements in advance to offer you an accurate quotation.

Our minimum (standard) charge for creating a set is £45 which allows 30 minutes and includes the first shot in that set. The complex set charge allows for 60 mins to create the set, and includes the first shot.

For shoots that require full location sets – eg a full kitchen, bathroom or outdoor setup, we usually have a minimum charge of £375.00 + VAT.


Style of Set Setup Fee

Standard from £45.00

Complex from £95.00

Location sets from £375.00 (half day booking)



If clients want to attend a shoot and direct, or if we feel we need a flexible approach to create as much as possible within a fixed budget, we will price your shoot on a time basis. This cost includes studio time & photographer, colour correction and basic image clean up.

Please note, there is a minimum booking time of 1 hour on studio time. 

Duration Guide Price

Per Hour £95

1/2 Day £295

Short Day (6 hr) £450

Full Day £595



For many products, you don’t need the high cost of hiring a professional model (usually where no faces are involved). We can offer ‘everyday’ models at a fraction of the cost of professionals, from £20 p/h.

For those jobs that need a bit more experience, we can offer semi-professionals, often acting extras, or those that model part time, with costs beginning at £35 p/h.

For professional models, we’ll send you a contact sheet from our local model agency, with costs starting at around £50.00 p/h (usually with a minimum 2 hour booking).

For examples of our model photography please click here.





It is very difficult to accurately price 360 product spins as there are a great many factors that can add complexity to creating a quality end result – whether it is lighting, weight, textures or set-up time – these rates should give you a good estimate to work from but please contact us and we will discuss your products in more details to offer an accurate cost. Rates shown are a guide, and are negotiable subject to volume and usage. Please see our Terms and Conditions Page for more information about rates, charges, usage and rights.

Set-up time is significant for 360 photography, and we usually have a minimum set-up fee to take this into account, starting at £120. Prices shown here are for multiple similar sized items – contact us for further details.


Please note, there is a minimum charge of £150 on all 360 bookings. 


Item Size Price per item

Small£15 – £25*

Medium£20 – £30*

Large£25 – £35*

*Prices vary based on volume and complexity.